Canada funds language training for Ontario migrants

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Diane Finley, Canada's Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, has announced $12.5 million in funding for the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program, which will be distributed among seven partner agencies in Hamilton, Ontario. The funds will allow the agencies to "expand their English-language training services for new immigrants in Hamilton."

The seven partner agencies include local district school boards, colleges and libraries.

"Canada's new government is committed to helping newcomers succeed and build new lives for themselves and their families in Canada," said Finley. "That's why we're so pleased to announce funding that will enable new immigrants in Hamilton to improve their language skills and find a job. Newcomers will have an opportunity to become more productive members of this growing community."

The funding will also include higher-level LINC services so that graduates of these advanced classes will have earned the equivalent of high school graduation English. Upwards of 2,000 migrants are expected to receive assistance and the funding will create a number of jobs for people, including teachers, administrators and childminders.

"The landscape of the Hamilton-Wentworth region has shifted dramatically as more and more immigrants have settled in our area," said Bob Goodwin, principal of St. Charles Adult and Continuing Education Centres.

"The monies that the federal government has allotted through the Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement will provide new opportunities for service providers to implement innovative LINC programs so as to build on the future success of our new Hamiltonians," he added.

The Canadian government has increased funding to Ontario for settlement and language training by a total of $920 million over five years, as part of the Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement. The federal government is providing increased funding of $1.3 billion over five years, overall in an effort to integrate Ontario's immigrants.