US Immigration announces continued H-1B visa availability in May 2010

US H-1B visas are still available to start work in the US from 1 October 2010. There are 65,000 H-1B visas available each year with an additional 20,000 available for those with an US master's degree or higher.

USCIS announced that on 21 May 2010 19,600 out of the 65,000 visas available for those without an advanced degree had been used and that 8,200 visas out of the 20,000 available for those with a Masters Degree or higher had been used.

It is not certain how long the US H-1B visa will be available for. If you wish to work in the US in a professional level job you should consider applying sooner rather than later. If you leave it too late the H-1B visa may no longer be available.