Valentino Spike Leather Belt Bag in Camel Color Item Details: Designer: VALENTINO  Retail: N/A Style: Crossbody Belt Bag Color: Camel...
Item Details: Designer: VALENTINO  Series: Rockstud Alcove Retail: N/A Style: Clutch Shoulder Bag Color: Ivory Material: Calfskin Leather Made: Italy Measurements: W...
Item Details: Brand: VALENTINO  Series: Rockstud Retail: N/A Style: Crossbody Bag Color: Black Material: Grainy Calfskin Leather Made: Italy Measurements: W...
Item Details Designer: VALENTINO  Retail: N/A Model: Loco V Logo  Style: Crossbody Bag Color: Dark Brown Material: Calfskin Leather Made: Italy...
Item Details: Brand: VALENTINO  Series: Garavani Bow Chain Retail: N/A Style: Shoulder / Crossbody Bag Color: Mauve / Light Pink Material:...
VALENTINO Garavani Rockstud Chevron Print Leather Crossbody Bag Multicolor - Hot Deals
Valentino Garavani Rockstud Chevron Print Leather Crossbody Bag Item Details: Designer: VALENTINO  Retail: N/A Series: Garavani Rockstud Style: Crossbody Bag...
Valentino Garavani Valentino Garavani 'Camustars' backpack

Preloved Valentino Designer Bag

A combination of elegance with latest to-die-for designs, Valentino designer bag is everyone’s beloved. From the Instagram model to the woman who loves to party, Valentino Garavani handbags for women have been the favorite among women. Crafted with love with luxurious 100% genuine Italian leather, it is everything you will love. Studded with the newly inn and trendy rock designs and the lock lines to bring glam, these bags earn their worth. The more the love, the higher the cost. It is also true for everyone’s beloved Valentino designer bag. The Valentino handbags cost a fortune. So, here at 127-0Shops Designer Handbags, we bring you your favorite Valentino bag for sale.

Secure your possessions with our collection of Valentino Garavani Bag. Designs available with flap tops and zip tops to keep your valuables safe, these are everything you need. This and much more adds to the worth of our collection to be used daily and in special events. We have a wide variety of colors and options available along with designs for you. Browse our Valentino designer bag collection to pick the one that resonates with you. We offer these bags in mind blowing prices and elegant designs.

Before diving into details of our collection, it is important to know which handbag or purse is the one for you. We have brought you an ultimate buyer guide to walk you through the path to glam.

Buyer Guide Tote Bags

If you go to places where you have to carry a lot of your belongings, tote bags are the best for you. Larger in capacity and a heavy-duty design helps to keep all your possessions at the right place. They are easier to carry with a stronger strap. Some of them are open while others zipped. So, you need to select the Valentino shoulder tote bag based on your requirements.

Hobo Bags

Slouchy in shape and bohemian in vibe, hobo bags are the perfect weekend companion to bring out the youth. A long strap covering over the shoulder and a shape that flatters, these bags are for casual outings.


If you have to go on a special night out, then clutches and evening bags are your perfect pick. Designed with intricate details and fine material, this collection of Valentino designer bag is crafted to complement your formal dresses. Hold them in your hand or pair them up with a sexy chain. Structured with a metallic strong frame, these bags are perfect for formal events.

Crossbody Bags

The trendiest bags of the year. Crossbody bags have a long strap to make you wear them across your body. In addition, the sizes can be petite to casual and formal, bringing further elegance. You can use them on a casual day out or even for your workplace. These are perfect to be used on special events and also on a day to day basis.

Shoulder Bags

The perfect bags for workers and negro who like to use bags on a daily basis. With the option of adjustable straps, you can wear it over the shoulder to free your hands. You can also wear it on your hips or even waist by adjusting the strap. These Valentino Garavani handbags for women are a must have. Organized interior slots and a side pocket to make it easier, these are perfect daily wear bags. Moreover, with options of shapes, size, and designs, these are perfect to be worn and loved. You can also make them your weekend or vacation bags for a less fussy time.


Double handle, classic wideness and a flattened inside, these bags will give you a classic and elegant look. Short handles to be held in hands and adjustable to keep your hands free, these bags have so much to offer. A structured interior and exterior, these bags can be your daily necessity considering the design and space. They will rest at the nook of your arm and will also be strapped across your shoulders. It gives you options to use your hands whenever and wherever possible with the satchel bags.

It is important to know that no matter which bag you buy, you must complement it with your dress and the color scheme. Doing so will help you make the most out of it in different ways while also being trendy. To make sure you pick the right bag, 127-0Shops Designer Bags have an exclusive Valentino designer bag collection. We are certain you will love these bags more than anything! Browse our collection today!

Valentino Handbags

Defined by their peculiarity, Valentino handbags are textbook definitions of perfection. Classical shape, trending style and unique colors makes them everyone’s favorite. The eccentric Italian leather paired with flexibility and sturdiness adds to the charm. From the famous Valentino shoulder tote bag to the classic Valentino shoulder bag, we have pinned it all for you. Certain to bring you reliability with practicality, our collection is sure to add a star to your personality. Buy your favorite Valentino pre-owned shoulder bags today!

Valentino Purse

Ancient, timeless, and trendy, the Valentino purse adds royalty to your aura. Sustainable frame with added uniqueness of colors, these purses are the best quality you can dream of. Available in tons of colors, designs, and strap options, we are certain our collection will leave you in awe.

Valentino Crossbody Bags

Simplicity paired up with classiness, the Valentino crossbody bags collection is perfect to bring your youthful days out. Developed with world’s high-quality leather and equipped with the latest designs, this bag will match your needs. Perfect for youngsters and mid-30s alike, our collection is perfect for all event types. A space big enough to carry your possessions and design that bring glam, these are a treat to the eyes. Browse our chic yet elegance filled collection of Valentino designer bag today.

Valentino Preloved Bags

If you think that the pre-collection of your favorite brand is extremely costly, we are the right place for you. We offer your Valentino designer bag in pocket friendly prices because we care about you. Brose our Valentino preloved bags collection today and pick the one you have always wanted. From pre-loved handbags to shoulder bags and backpacks, we have it selected all for you. All you need is to go through the selection and pick the one that vibes the most with you.

So, wait no further and flaunt your personality with our exclusive Valentino designer bag collection today!

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