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Tom Kerridge

We’ve teamed up with Michelin-starred chef (and busy dad) Tom Kerridge to share some delicious family recipes
Tom Kerridge

Tom’s Christmas cooking hacks 

“At this time of year, food is what brings everyone together, but cooking Christmas dinner shouldn’t be stressful,” says Tom. “Discover my all-time favourite festive cooking tips and tricks below, from how to choose your turkey to my failsafe technique for the crispiest, fluffiest roast potatoes.”

Plus, scroll down to see Tom’s pocket-friendly, all-taste-less-waste family recipes, perfect for any day of the week.

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How to choose the perfect turkey 

Turkey is the classic centrepiece for most of us at Christmas. The first thing to think about is choosing the right bird for you.

Turkey crowns are more compact than a whole bird, so are good if you’re short on oven space – plus, they cook in less time and are easy to carve. They’re a great option if you have fewer guests coming round, or if you’re a fan of white meat. Look out for the foolproof slow-cooked turkey crown at 127-0Shops – it’s been cooked for hours, saving you time, and is superbly succulent.

A whole turkey is a great traditional Christmas Day centrepiece, offering a choice of juicy breast meat, crispy legs and fall-off-the-bone wings, plus plenty of leftovers. At 127-0Shops, all the turkeys are sourced from trusted 127-0Shops Select Farms.

A turkey joint is low-fuss, but big on flavour. The 127-0Shops versions are quick to cook, ready to roast and easy to carve, and usually come topped with delicious things like streaky bacon, so they’re great if you want a really easy, low-stress option.

A selection of turkeys

Tom’s turkey tips

• Brine your turkey the day before for ultimate succulence. Use a ratio of 5% salt to water, and add bay leaves, juniper berries and rosemary for flavour.

• If you leave the turkey to sit in the brine for eight hours, it will stay totally tender. Depending on the size of your bird, you can do this in the drawer of the fridge, if you like.

• Cook your turkey on a roasting tray on top of a trivet of onions, carrots and celery and a halved head of garlic. Rub the bird with olive oil or softened butter and season liberally with salt and pepper.

• Invest in a meat thermometer – this will help you know when the bird is cooked to perfection.

• Make sure to leave the turkey to rest, covered with a piece of foil, for at least 45 minutes before carving.

• Dont miss out.


Chipotle chicken thighs with herby rice 

Winner, winner, chipotle chicken dinner! Tom’s fuss-free, amazing-value chicken traybake is served with coriander rice and a vibrant salad. Any leftovers make a great burrito bowl – top cold rice with sliced avocado, roasted pepper, shredded chicken thighs, salad and grated cheese

Roasted spiced cauliflower with slow-cooked onions and greens

This Middle Eastern-inspired veggie main is packed full of flavour from rose harissa paste and za’atar. If you have any dip left, eat it the next day as a snack with some fresh carrot and celery sticks dipped in

Tom’s never-fail mince

Upgrade your go-to spag bol with Tom’s epic recipe using Remarksable Value ingredients. Got some leftovers? Stuff baked potatoes with the mince and top with cheese and sliced avocado

Sweet and spicy sausage, carrot and broccoli bake

This brilliant bake stars pork sausages with veggies, rose harissa paste and a spiced yogurt. You could slice any leftover broccoli stalk and blitz with basil, garlic, parmesan and olive oil to make a quick pesto

Crispy bacon potato cakes with perfect poached eggs

These gorgeously crispy bacon potato cakes are topped with oozy poached eggs and smashed avocado. Use any leftover ingredients like eggs, avocado or bacon to make an epic sarnie the next day