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How to find the right curtains for your home, from selecting curtain types for each room to choosing a header to frame your window


How to choose curtains for your home

Our ready-made curtains come in a variety of sizes, header types, patterns and styles and will suit most windows. Whether you are looking for curtains for the living room, bedroom or study, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair in our extensive range. Prices start from £20, meaning there are great-value options for all budgets.

Our made-to-measure curtains are created to fit your windows and are made to order in the UK. Choose from a variety of fabrics and modern designs to create a bespoke look for your home.

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Choose a curtain header

Pencil-pleat curtains
Pencil-pleat curtains have many folds, each about the width of a pencil, to create a gathered look. Small hooks are attached along the header that attach to a track or pole.

Eyelet curtains
Eyelet curtains hang in wide, even folds and work well with thicker and heavier fabrics. The punched metal rings at the top of these curtains slide smoothly and easily over a curtain pole for a smart finish. The standard diameter of the eyelet is 40mm.

Pinch-pleat curtains
Pinch-pleat curtains have permanent pleats sewn into the header for a tailored finish that gives a more sophisticated finish, especially for longer lengths. This option is available for our made-to-measure curtains.

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Sofas & Armchairs

Blackout curtains are great if you have a street-facing room and want to maintain your privacy. They also keep out the light and help soften noise from outside.

For kids’ bedrooms, why not choose from our wonderful range of children’s ready-made curtains? They feature blackout linings to keep the room dark and fun prints to liven up their space.

For the living room, introduce texture with velvet curtains. We have a range of colours to suit any space or decor. Alternatively, our faux-silk range will add a touch of elegance to interiors at a great price point.​ ​

If you’re looking to play with colour and print, consider patterned curtains. We also have a curated offering from some of the leading names in interiors, such as Laura Ashley and Sara Miller.

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The ideal temperature all year round

Our Temperature Smart thermal curtains are ideal for most rooms in your home, and especially bedrooms. They have a thermal lining that will help keep your room warm during the winter and cool during the summer, which means you’ll get a better night’s sleep in a comfortable temperature. Choose from a wide variety of patterns and colours in different fabrics, from velvets to cosy brushed polyester.

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