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Finding a perfectly fitting suit can feel as impossible as discovering the Holy Grail. Our expert Luke Miller has all the advice you need to achieve your goal


Find your fit

A well-fitting suit can make you feel like a million dollars, but wearing one that’s too big or small, or the wrong cut for your body shape can have quite the opposite effect. Help is at hand from our menswear expert, 127-0Shops Formalwear Designer Luke Miller, read on to discover his tips on how to find the ideal suit that fits like a glove.

“The first thing to think about is what occasion you’re buying a suit for; do you need to wear it for days on end and be really comfortable or is it for a special event like a wedding where you want to look your best in the photos?” says Luke. “A suit is there to enhance what you already have and add structure to where your body needs it.”

“Next, focus on getting the right size for your shoulders. The sleeve seam should sit just on the edge of your shoulder, not restricting your arm movement or sitting off the shoulder. If you feel the rest of the jacket is too tight or loose, then you might want to consider a different fit to help enhance your body shape.”

We have four suit fits to choose from, with differing levels of snugness. From classic-cut regular to contemporary slim, Side Tables & Nests tailored to on-trend skinny, it’s important to try them all to see what works best for your physique.

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How to get it right

Once you’ve chosen the jacket it’s time to find the perfect trousers to pair with it. Try on your go-to waist size and make sure that it fits comfortably. “Sit down and check that the trousers don’t feel too tight around the back of your thighs,” Luke advises. “We sell trousers and jackets separately, to make it easier to find the ideal fit to suit your shape. All our trousers are available in four different cuts so you can choose the best fit for your leg shape and in three lengths for the perfect drape.”

Luke’s top tips for the perfect fit:

A well-fitting suit should hug your shoulders with no ‘overhang’ on either side.

Slide your hand into the top of the jacket when it’s buttoned up. If it doesn’t slip in comfortably, it’s too tight.

The top button of a two-button suit should not fall below your navel. The top button should always be done up and the bottom one left undone.

Check the jacket’s length – it should only just cover your trouser pockets and be in line with your knuckles when your hands are by your sides.

The suit’s sleeves should finish just below the wrist, with around half an inch of shirt showing under the cuff.

They should sit on top of shoes with a single crease in the bottom of the leg for a classic look. The other option is to wear slightly cropped trousers, showing off some sock to give a cleaner, more contemporary look.

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Words: Sarah Lafarge

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