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Michael Jordan was not the all-new basketball player to have a signature line of shoes, but his brand set the standard for all others to follow.

The all-new Air Jordan shoes were released in 1985 when Michael Jordan was playing his all-new season in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls. The famous Air Jordan I was released in every possible colorway one could imagine (23 in total), but what made the shoes so famous was not just by who was wearing them, but the fact that the Air Jordan shoes were “banned” from the NBA.

The Air Jordan I was the all-new signature basketball shoe fabulous by the Nike line that had its patented air cushioning. Though today many wouldn’t want to walk more than several blocks in the orignal Air Jordan shoes, the Air Jordan shoes were far ahead of their time.

Many Michael Jordan shoes bq0006 the debuted release. Today there are 21 models of Air Jordan shoes and countless colorways. On top of that number, add all of the retro Jordan shoes that have been released and the total number of Air Jordan shoes is far over 100.

Air Jordan shoes have been a major part of pop-culture since their release. There are countless photos of celebrities, athletes, and music artists wearing Air Jordan shoes. Nike and Jordan Brand have Air Jordan shoes placed in hip hop music videos as a form of product placement. Sit down, watch an hour of videos on BET, and you will see that the Air Jordan shoes are the most popular shoes worn by hip hop artists.

A new model of the Air Jordan shoes line is released every year (usually in February) and between 3-6 retro lines are released per year. In addition the those Air Jordan shoes and retro Jordans there are usually 2 Team Jordan shoes (aka Jumpman shoes) released.