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If you have the Internet or a Soundcloud account, then you’re well aware there’s a pretty vicious rap battle going on at the moment. Pusha T and Drake are sparring at a high level and both fighting dirty. The latest blow comes in the form of “The Story Of Adidon” which alludes to Drizzy having a son that’s both secret and neglected. This allegation came as a surprise and caused some confusion with the following lyric yeezy shoelaces turtle dove pattern free online Drake’s adidas deal:

Adonis is your son
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This morning, Push — also under the adidas lekki unless a recent change was made — called into The Breakfast Club adidas oregon 2018 football tickets 2017 season.

“Who rolls out their child with a sweatsuit?” questioned Pusha. “See the adidas situation is this: the child, allegedly his new line on adidas is called ADIDON which is named after Adonis his son. We couldn’t know about your child until you start selling sweatsuits and sneakers?”

Hear what Push had to say in the call to The Breakfast Club below.

Lead image by Nick DePaula

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