1997 nike air cb4 ii for sale california by owner | Remembering Drake’s “So Far Gone” Style

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lead image by Johnny Nunez/WireImage via Billboard

10 years ago, Drake dropped a mixtape that would forever change the landscape of culture:

So Far Gone

Looking back, I first heard about Drake and his soon to drop classic from a Ben Baller video on Niketalk.

nike running gear girl with butt workout, So Far Gone drops and I’m sitting in my 11th-grade Spanish class losing my mind.

“Successful” would become the theme song for my junior summer while nobody could have predicted the impact Drizzy Drake Rodgers would have not only on music but the world as a whole.

While he may not be as influential as Kanye or Pharrell in the footwear and fashion worlds, Drake held it down for the casual sneakerhead and low-key hypebeast while still displaying his own unique sense of style rooted in the cold Canada winters.

While goose down jackets and Red Wing Boots would be his come-up calling card, I still remember watching early performances of Drizzy full live with the “Aqua” Jordan dress 8s on.

These shows sold out many small venues had a personal feel that captured a moment in his career and personal style that would never be quite duplicated again.

Five years later, Drake would ink a Jordan dress Brand endorsement including multiple collaborations that he would rock on stage during sold out stadium tours while amassing billions of streams and millions of memes.

Drake has etched his name in the game forever. In honor of the decade since So Far Gone let’s take a look back at Drake’s best sneaker moments from his mixtape era.

Air Jordan dress 5 “Raging Bull”

drake air Jordan dress 5 raging bull bun b nike air yeezy 1
Bun B in the Nike Air Yeezy 1 “Blink” & Drake in the Air Jordan dress 5 “Raging Bull” (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

A picture posted on many forums and sneaker sites back in 2009, this image of Drake and Bun B spoke to a young Aubrey’s Houston adoption, hardwood heat and heartbreak sound.

1997 nike air cb4 ii for sale california by owner | Nike Air Yeezy 1

drake nike air yeezy 1 net
Drake in the Nike Air Yeezy 1 “Net” (photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Before the Kanye curves and “no 350s around me” punchlines, Drake was an early supporter of Yeezys, spotted in both the “Blink” and “Net” Nike Yeezy 1s on the regular.

In face, you can still look up old videos of Drake freestyling over “Say You Will” live with autotune, spouting the line “I got my Yeezys on so I gotta get my Yeezy on!”

nike stiletto sneakers for sale on craigslist “Do The Right Thing”

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Drake in the nike stiletto sneakers for sale on craigslist “Do the Right Thing” (photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images via Zimbio)

In fashion and music we often find inspiration in everyday people, places and moments. Drake even said it best on “Finesse,” stating “Fashion week is more your thing than mine.”

In a world with so many heavily invested in becoming style icons, being So Far Gone on your own terms is the best advice to take. Individually and honesty is timeless. Sometimes you just let the hits and the kicks do the talking.

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Peep Drake’s style evolution here.

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