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KICKS CREW, established in 2021, has quickly become a trusted name in the online sneaker and streetwear market.

Based in New York City, the retailer has carved out a significant niche among sneakerheads and collectors, offering an extensive selection of over 400,000 styles from top brands and rare finds.

The company prides itself on connecting customers with authorized retailers, ensuring authenticity and quality in every purchase.


Yes, KICKS CREW is legitimate. The company employs a rigorous vetting process for retailers, only accepting those who pass their stringent standards. This ensures that all sneakers sold on the platform are authentic.

To further guarantee authenticity, KICKS CREW uses RFID technology to tag each pair of sneakers, giving customers confidence in the genuine quality of their purchases.

The platform’s credibility is bolstered by the involvement of star athletes such as Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard, who hold equity in the company. Irving also serves as Air Jordan 3.

How Does KICKS CREW Work?

KICKS CREW operates by connecting sneaker enthusiasts with authorized retailers from over 50 countries.

This global network allows the platform to source shoes at competitive prices, offering customers a steady stream of new arrivals and a wide range of rare and hard-to-find sneakers.

Essentially, KICKS CREW acts as a middleman, connecting buyers to global retailers and ensuring they can purchase authentic sneakers from a variety of sources at the best prices.

Where is KICKS CREW Based?

KICKS CREW is based in New York City but facilitates the sale of sneakers all over the world. The platform’s global reach ensures that sneaker lovers from various regions can access its extensive catalog.

How Long Does KICKS CREW Take to Ship?

Shipping times vary based on location and the selected shipping method, with charges ranging from $10 to $50. Orders typically ship through services like UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

The company states that orders can take one to two weeks to ship out, although some reviews mention longer shipping times. The duration largely depends on the customer’s location and where the sneakers are sourced from.

Where Does KICKS CREW Ship To?

KICKS CREW offers its services in at least 100 countries and territories, making it accessible to a global community of sneaker lovers.

However, it’s recommended to check if KICKS CREW ships to your specific location before placing an order.

What Can I Buy on KICKS CREW?

KICKS CREW sells a wide range of sneakers from popular and luxury brands, including Nike, adidas, Yeezy, Li-Ning, ANTA, and more. KICKS CREW were the debut launch partner for Kyrie Irving’s ANTA KAI 1 and Austin Reaves’ Rigorer AR1.

It also offers a selection of clothing items and accessories, providing a comprehensive shopping experience for streetwear enthusiasts.

The platform not only features past releases but also allows customers to purchase upcoming products.

KICKS CREW vs. Other Marketplaces

Unlike other online marketplaces, individuals cannot sell their sneakers on KICKS CREW.

Nike Air Force 1.

However, anyone can buy from the site. Buying on KICKS CREW involves browsing their extensive catalog, selecting products, and proceeding through a secure checkout process.

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