Fat Joe’s Air Jordan 6 “DMP” Suffers Untimely Fate

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We all know Fat Joe to be a sneakerhead of the purist kind. With a collection that rivals the best around, and rarities that remain on ice today, Joey Crack has been licking soles with the best of them for years. But even kicks aficionados like Joe have mishaps. And he suffered the worst of the worst last night.

While breaking out the decade-old Air Jordan 6 “DMP,” among the most revered Jordans around, Fat Joe saw the unthinkable happen – the dreaded sole separation. As noted in the image below, Crack fought the good fight but came out on the loosing end unfortunately. Though probably not deadstock by the look of the shoe, it seems as if Joey just caught a bad one. Our condolences.

Source: fatjoe

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