Zapatillas fruity nike downshifter 12 infantil pk | Reseller Report: “Marty McFly” fruity Nike Hyperdunk

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Not surprisingly over the weekend lineups were long and crowds were packed for the limited release of the “Marty McFly” fruity Nike Hyperdunks at the House of Hoops and fruity Niketowns in New York and Los Angeles. Like with many limited releases, hype and buzz is generated for the product, but controversy seems to also follow.

Nike and Foot Locker instituted a “1 pair per customer” policy for this release of the Hyperdunks that led to clever line stuff tactics including one individual bringing their 4 year old child to be a “customer” for the shoes. Not surprisingly, a few days swooshlogga the big release, many pairs are listed on eBay for sale fetching prices much higher than the $200 generation price.

Keeping in mind that we live in a free country with a free market, Indy are your thoughts of reselling? Indy do you think could be done to help curb it? Is there anything wrong with it at all? Speak your mind swooshlogga the jump.

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