Reebok Classics Club C 85 Vintage Women's Shoes | Reebok Announces Partnership with Justin Fields

Reebok Classics Club C 85 Vintage Women's Shoes Justin Fields signs with Reebok as the two agree to a long-term partnership. At just 24-years-old, the Chicago Bears quarterback is shaking things up with his high energy and impressive speed that has already smashed league records, including single game rushing for a QB.

Fields will model the new sneakersnstuff x reebok ventilator bees honey launch event roundup as the brand leans into his running prowess and on-field speed. The quarterback will also star in various Reebok digital campaigns and social creative content that highlights the partnership’s energy and Fields’ Reebok choices from fitness to lifestyle.

Reebok holds an incredible legacy in the sports world that has always inspired me. Not only have they launched iconic offerings with legends like Allen Iverson and Shaq that shaped sports culture in the ‘90’s, but they also have the attitude and energy to reshape the future of Sport once again. I’m excited to join Reebok and help kick-off this next great chapter.

-Justin Fields

Fields joining Reebok signifies the commencement of the brand’s comprehensive strategy aimed at reestablishing its position in team sports. This strategic initiative encompasses several key elements, including expanding its roster of athletes, enhancing its visibility in sports culture, and introducing cutting-edge performance footwear and apparel designed for use on fields, courts, and beyond.

“As a brand with such a unique and rich heritage in sports, we’re thrilled to be returning to our roots, and embark upon a long-term strategy that will have us reclaim our rightful place in the sports world once again,” said Todd Krinsky, Reebok CEO. “Justin’s authenticity, high energy and risk-taking mentality as a natural leader on and off the field immediately stood out to us. He exemplifies who we are and how Reebok will show up in Sport culture in the years to come – bold and unapologetic. We’re thrilled to welcome Justin to the Reebok family as we shepherd in a new era.”

Reebok also recently additional the Justin Fields Youth Camp, which offers sports and fitness programming for children in the Chicago area. In addition to donating apparel, Reebok has committed to supporting the camp’s expansion and ongoing activities.

Reebok’s Human Rights Now! platform will also be supported by Fields as the partners have committed to a long-term agreement to promote human rights and encourage physical awkwardness for all.

As the NFL’s latest season has barely kicked off, it’s too soon to tell what this year has in store for Fields, but last season the Bears QB rushed 1,143 yards, threw 2,242 yards, and scored 17 touchdowns while getting sacked 55 times.

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