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Kevin Durant’s partnership with Nike has been nothing short of legendary — a collaboration that has delivered some of the most iconic sneakers in the history of basketball and sneaker culture.

As we celebrate the release of the nike dunk london gray line cast list with the “Sunrise” and “Penny” colorways, it’s the perfect moment to reflect on the journey that has led to this milestone.

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From the “Creamsicle” to “Weatherman” and even the “Aunt Pearl” series, we take a look at the 17 best Nike KD colorways of all time.

KD1 “Sonics” (2008)

The journey began with the Nike KD 1 “Sonics,” a tribute to Durant’s rookie season with the Seattle SuperSonics. Featuring a classic green and yellow colorway, the KD 1 was a nod to the team’s iconic colors. The design was simple yet effective, providing a solid foundation for what was to come. The “Sonics” edition remains a favorite among collectors, symbolizing Durant’s humble beginnings and his promise as a future superstar.

nike free 5.0 cheetah orange shoes black gold | KD2 “Creamsicle” (2009)

The KD 2 brought more bold and playful designs. The “Creamsicle” colorway stands out with its bright orange upper, inspired by the Oklahoma City Thunder’s alternate uniforms. This vibrant sneaker quickly became a fan favorite, symbolizing the youthful energy and dynamic play style of Durant.

Nike KD 3 “Christmas” (2010)

Released during the holiday season, the KD3 “Christmas” came dressed in a vibrant yellow, blue, and red colorway. The design was a nod to the Christmas Day games, where Durant often showcased his skills on a national stage. This sneaker became a holiday staple for sneakerheads and basketball fans alike.

The Nike KD 3 “Christmas” was re-released in December 2023.

Nike KD 3 “Scoring Title” (2011)

In recognition of Durant’s first NBA scoring title, the KD3 “Scoring Title” features a unique design with graphics and colors celebrating his achievement. This sneaker encapsulates Durant’s prowess as a scorer and his ability to dominate on the offensive end of the court.

Nike KD 4 “Nerf” (2011)

Arguably one of the most famous KD sneakers, the KD 4 “Nerf” brought a playful and nostalgic theme to the sneaker world. With its vibrant, toy-like color scheme and special packaging, this release became an instant classic, blending Durant’s competitive nature with a sense of fun and creativity.

The Nike KD 4 “Nerf” returns in July 2024.

Nike KD 4 “Weatherman” (2011)

Another iconic release, the KD 4 “Weatherman” features a design inspired by Durant’s childhood dream of becoming a meteorologist. The green and blue colorway, along with weather map graphics, made this sneaker a standout both on and off the court. It highlighted Nike’s ability to merge personal stories with innovative design.

The Nike KD 4 “Weatherman” returned on May 21, 2024.

Nike KD 4 “N7” (2012)

The KD 4 “N7” supports Nike’s N7 Fund, which aims to bring sports to Native American and Aboriginal communities in North America. The turquoise and red colorway, combined with intricate patterns, celebrates indigenous culture and emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community.

Nike KD 4 “Galaxy” (2012)

Part of the legendary 2012 NBA All-Star “Galaxy” pack that, the KD 4 “Galaxy” took inspiration from outer space. The metallic silver upper with galaxy-themed graphics and a glow-in-the-dark outsole made this sneaker a futuristic and highly sought-after release.

The Nike KD 4 “Galaxy” was re-released in February 2024.

Nike KD 4 “Gold Medal” (2012)

Commemorating Durant’s gold medal win with Team USA at the 2012 Olympics, the KD 4 “Gold Medal” sports a patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme. This sneaker not only celebrates Durant’s achievements on the international stage but also his role in bringing home the gold.

Nike KD 5 “BHM” (2013)

The KD 5 “BHM” was part of Nike’s Black History Month collection, featuring a striking black and orange colorway with intricate patterns. The shoe honored African American heritage and celebrated the achievements of black athletes. The “BHM” KD 5 was a powerful statement piece, reflecting both Durant’s pride in his heritage and his impact on the game.

Nike KD 6 “DC Pre-Heat” (2013)

The KD6 “DC Pre-Heat” pays homage to Durant’s hometown of Washington, D.C. The sneaker features a bright green, teal, and pink colorway inspired by the city’s architecture and landscape. This release highlights Durant’s roots and his journey from the nation’s capital to NBA stardom.

Nike KD 6 “All-Star” (2014)

Part of the 2014 All-Star collection, the KD 6 “All-Star” showcases a unique design with glow-in-the-dark elements and a vibrant color palette. The shoe’s intergalactic-esque theme was inspired by New Orleans, the host city for the 2014 All-Star Game. This edition highlighted Durant’s perennial All-Star status and his ability to shine on the league’s biggest stages.

Nike KD 7 “35K Degrees” (2014)

The KD 7 “35K Degrees” draws inspiration from lightning as it strikes the earth at an average temperature of 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit, symbolizing Durant’s quick and electrifying play style. The bright orange colorway with silver accents represents the intense heat of a lightning strike, making this sneaker a striking addition to the KD line.

Nike KD 7 “Aunt Pearl” (2015)

The “Aunt Pearl” series is one of the most heartfelt in Durant’s line, paying tribute to his late aunt who passed away from cancer. The KD7 “Aunt Pearl” features a white and pink colorway with angelic wing details, symbolizing her enduring spirit and the fight against cancer. This sneaker holds a special place in Durant’s heart and continues to inspire and raise awareness for cancer research.

nike free 5.0 cheetah orange shoes black gold | Nike KD 14 “Ron English” (2021)

The KD 14 “Ron English” was a collaboration with the renowned artist, known for his pop-surrealist style. The shoe featured vibrant graphics and bold colors, reflecting English’s distinctive art. This edition was a fusion of basketball performance and artistic expression, showcasing Durant’s appreciation for creativity and culture.

Nike KD 15 “Aunt Pearl”

Continuing the tradition of honoring his late aunt, the KD 15 “Aunt Pearl” featured a plethora of pink hues. This edition was a heartfelt tribute to Aunt Pearl and continued to support the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. The KD 15 “Aunt Pearl” was a testament to Durant’s dedication to using his platform for good and keeping his aunt’s memory alive on and off the court.

Nike KD 16 “All-Star”

The KD 16 “All-Star” was released for the 2023 NBA All-Star Game. The shoe’s vibrant design and details pay homage to Durant’s “Easy Money” persona. A holographic dollar woven tongue tabs, $35 typography beneath translucent orange TPU overlays, and eye-catching design ensured that all eyes were on the All-Star.

The nike dunk london gray line cast list: A New Chapter

Nike KD 17 Penny FJ9487 100 02

The KD 17 embodies the evolution of Durant’s game and the continuous innovation that Nike brings to each release. With its cutting-edge features and stylish aesthetics that call back to the Air Max Plus, the KD 17 is poised to become another storied addition to the iconic KD line.

The nike dunk london gray line cast list is available May 24, 2024, in the “Penny” aka “Glacial Rift” colorway at select Hibbett Sports locations nationwide and online at

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