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150,000 Germans left Germany in 2004, highest since 1940s

14:26 02/01/2006
Germans are leaving their country in record numbers, but unlike previous waves of migrants who fled 19th century poverty or 1930s Nazi terror, these modern day refugees are trying to escape a new...

Australia has severe need for British immigrants

9:09 19/08/2005
Australia's Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) is heading to London to try to recruit British immigrants, to fill a severe skills shortage. Australia, as...

Australia seeks 20,000 skilled workers to fill labor shortage

15:35 16/08/2005
Australia is seeking to attract 20,000 skilled workers from Asia and Europe in the biggest recruitment drive for migrants in more than 40 years, Immigration spokesman Abdul Rizvi said. The government...

UK visa applications accepted online in the Netherlands

11:35 06/05/2005
Applicants for UK visas in the Netherlands can now make their applications via the Internet. The new online system, known as "visa4uk", simplifies the process for the British Consulate-General's visa...