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Bad drivers, health costs annoy New Zealand immigrants

19:19 17/02/2006
Although as reported earlier the vast majority of new immigrants to New Zealand are quite happy with their new home, a few things still get on their nerves. The cost of health services and bad...

Foreigners opting for fake marriages to get NZ residency

14:23 11/01/2006
Foreigners desperate to get New Zealand residency are opting for fake marriages, with Department of Labour investigators successfully prosecuting about half a dozen cases each year. In New Zealand it...

New Zealand immigrants increasingly from the UK

13:46 03/01/2006
The proportion of immigrants to New Zealand coming from the United Kingdom has more than doubled over the past three years, according to new statistics. The report Migration Trends shows that 31 per...

Research shows immigration good for New Zealand

9:26 21/12/2005
New research shows the benefit of immigration to New Zealand , Minister of Immigration, David Cunliffe said this week. Findings of the report showed an increased focus on attracting skilled migrants...

Immigration under fire in New Zealand

9:57 26/08/2005
Immigration has come under political debate in New Zealand . New Zealand First says that the Labour and National Party's immigration policies have not ended skill shortages, and are keeping New...

New Zealand Skills shortage lists released

12:22 29/12/2004
The lists that contain the occupations where there are immediate andlong-term shortages of skilled workers were released today by theDepartment of Labor (Workforce). The Long Term Skill Shortage List...