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US Senate passes Homeland Security Bill

17:10 11/10/2005
The US Congress has approved hiring 1,000 new Border Patrol Agents in the fiscal year 2005-2006. The US Homeland Security spending Bill also included money for 250 more Immigration and Customs...

US official fights for guest worker program

9:49 15/07/2005
US Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, said immigration policy is a vital weapon against terrorism, and pledged on July 13 to tighten border security. He also called on the US Congress to...

Group says US guest worker plan fuels illegal immigration

17:05 01/07/2005
An analysis of the Bush administration's guest worker plan claims that it has actually helped fuel illegal immigration because some believed President Bush is offering amnesty. The survey, some of...

50,000 US visas for RNs and PTs are now available

16:14 10/06/2005
On 7 June 2005, the US State Department issued a Supplemental June 2005 Visa Bulletin. The Visa Bulletin adds a new "Schedule A" subcategory to the Employment-Based 3rd (EB-3) category for Registered...

More East Europeans getting jobs in EU, not US

18:11 18/05/2005
A Swedish flag flying outside Ellison Bay's Wagon Trail Resort in the US state of Wisconsin gives guests a taste of Europe, one that is usually enhanced by dozens of European workers. "Poland is a...

US offers instructions for Eastern Europe on visa-free travel

15:59 17/05/2005
The US government has offered a "road map," or a set of instructions, on how Eastern European countries can gain visa-free travel to the US , like their Western European counterparts. US officials...