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Franco Frattini

European Union again considers introducing EU work permit

14:02 22/12/2005
The European Commission on Dec. 21 unveiled new plans on economic migration to the European Union aimed at creating legal alternatives to illegal immigration. In order to boost Europe's...

EU plans joint security force against illegal immigration

16:30 14/11/2005
The European Commission plans to create a joint Mediterranean security force to clamp down on illegal immigration from North Africa. Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini was quoted in...

EU proposes union-wide "Green Card" for skilled migrants

16:19 07/11/2005
The European Union's top justice official has stated that highly skilled foreign migrants should be offered Europe-wide "job seekers' permits", which would allow them to look for employment anywhere...

EU justice ministers to discuss immigration

13:25 12/10/2005
When Europe's justice ministers meet on 12 Oct., one of their topics for discussion will be increased information exchange between EU members states on immigration areas of concern. The European...

Brussels hopes to control EU immigration

9:17 02/09/2005
Immigrants to Britain and other EU member states will have to swear an oath of allegiance to EU laws and the European Charter of Fundamental Rights, rather than the Queen, under a proposal announced...

Most Europeans may soon need to apply for US visit visas

14:17 04/04/2005
Many Europeans will need to apply for a visit visa to visit America later this year after the US Congress said that there was little chance of postponing a deadline for the introduction of biometric...