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Australian visa health restrictions to be relaxed

9:28 28/05/2012
From 1 July, the Australian government is set to relax immigration laws which will lead to the admission of more immigrants with disabilities and a pre-existing medical conditions. Australian...

Group warns of UK immigrants accessing free healthcare

11:53 03/05/2012
Migration Watch UK, an anti-immigration independent think tank, has warned that the UK risks an increase in "health tourism" when it was announced that foreign nationals who arrive in the UK on a...

Calls for all Australian visa applicants to have health insurance

17:24 16/02/2012
The Australian Medical Association (AMA) is requesting that health insurance become mandatory for all Australian visa applicants. The request was made by vice president of the Victorian branch of the...

Health care workers in demand in Australia - Immigrate under general skilled migration

12:57 14/02/2012
Health care and social assistance workers are increasingly needed in Australia. The health care industry is one of Australia 's largest industries and employs approximately 1.2 million people,...

Canadian Immigration has opportunities for doctors and dentists applying for the Federal Skilled Worker visa

11:37 25/11/2011
Canada has a large demand for doctors and dentists and those looking to emigrate can apply under the Federal Skilled Worker program. The program is for tradespeople, professionals and other skilled...

'Brain gain' pilot project launched in Ontario

11:25 31/01/2011
Non Canadian family members of Canadians in the education and health sector will be able to start work on arrival in Ontario; Instead of waiting in some cases for a year there will be immediate work...