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John Vine

UK immigration criticised for wrongfully detaining asylum seekers

16:39 19/12/2012
The UK's immigration authority has been criticised for detaining some asylum seekers who should be allowed to remain in the community and for keeping some people in detention for too long. A joint...

UK immigration provides 'shockingly poor' customer service

18:50 13/12/2012
The UK's chief inspector of immigration has told a UK parliamentary committee that the UK Border Agency (UKBA) provides 'shockingly poor' customer service. In his evidence to the House of Commons...

UK immigration watchdog says only 13% of failed asylum seekers deported

11:12 13/12/2012
While appearing before the Home Affairs Select Committee on 4th December 2012, John Vine, the UK's chief selector of immigration confirmed that only 104 of 764 asylum seekers who were refused leave...

Inspector condemns UK immigration's failures in asylum cases

19:30 26/11/2012
The UK's chief inspector of immigration John Vine has released an extremely critical report which accuses the UK Border Agency (UKBA) of incompetence, inefficiency, poor customer service, a lack of...

UK Home Office fights ruling that it must disclose 'immigration blacklist'

17:47 28/09/2012
The UK's Home Office is to appeal against a decision of the Information Commissioner which requires it to disclose an 'immigration blacklist' of 44 countries to an immigration rights campaigner...

UK Border Agency awards contract to outsourcing firm Capita.

18:09 19/09/2012
The UK Border Agency (UKBA), one of Britain's main immigration authorities, has placed a contract to find and deport illegal immigrants in the hands of a private sector company, Capita. The contract...