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Australia has severe need for British immigrants

9:09 19/08/2005
Australia's Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) is heading to London to try to recruit British immigrants, to fill a severe skills shortage. Australia, as...

Australia seeks 20,000 skilled workers to fill labor shortage

15:35 16/08/2005
Australia is seeking to attract 20,000 skilled workers from Asia and Europe in the biggest recruitment drive for migrants in more than 40 years, Immigration spokesman Abdul Rizvi said. The government...

UK immigration policy hurting IT industry: businessman

13:04 13/07/2005
Mike Lynch, the UK's first Internet billionaire, is criticizing the UK government for failing to attract the 'brightest and the best' from around the world. Lynch on 12 July said that the UK's IT... sends sympathy to all affected by London blasts

9:24 07/07/2005
At the moment, it is known that several blasts rocked the London subway and tore open a packed double-decker bus during the morning rush hour. Police said that two people have been killed and many...

Man who lived in Kenya airport gets UK citizenship

15:39 04/07/2005
A man who has lived for more than a year at Nairobi's international airport to protest being denied entry to Britain has finally been granted U.K. citizenship and plans to fly there within days. In a...

Migrant workers being brought illegally into UK

11:20 21/06/2005
The BBC has found evidence that many Eastern European workers are being brought in illegally by a gangmaster in Cornwall in the UK . The BBC has found out that at least two Russians have been working...