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Vancouver, Canada named best city to live in

16:10 01/02/2006
For the fourth year in a row, Vancouver, Canada has claimed the top spot on an international ranking of the world's most livable cities. In its annual survey of world cities, the think-tank division...

Germany's population continues to decline

17:50 23/01/2006
Germany's population shrank for a third straight year in 2005 as the trend of fewer births than deaths continued. Immigration did not compensate for the deficit, Federal Statistics Office data showed...

Australia attracting offshore jobs home

18:30 10/01/2006
With cheaper office rents than Mumbai (Bombay) and cheaper accountants than London, Australia could reverse the trend of jobs flooding offshore. Australia is in a strong position to benefit from the...

150,000 Germans left Germany in 2004, highest since 1940s

14:26 02/01/2006
Germans are leaving their country in record numbers, but unlike previous waves of migrants who fled 19th century poverty or 1930s Nazi terror, these modern day refugees are trying to escape a new...

One in 10 UK workers is an immigrant

12:18 13/12/2005
One in 10 workers in the UK was born abroad, according to research by the Institute of Fiscal Studies. More than a third of working-age immigrants arrived in the UK during the past decade, according...

Website lures New Zealanders home with cheap condoms

11:27 06/12/2005
A new government website to entice Kiwis home from Britain cites cheaper condoms and Big Macs as incentives for returning to New Zealand. A list comparing English and New Zealand prices on the...