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Migration Advisory Committee

UK Tier 2 Visas: Fewer shortage occupations from 14 November 2011

16:33 19/10/2011
There will be further changes to the UK shortage occupation list. This will make it more difficult for some people to work in the UK under the Tier 2 visa skilled immigration route. The UK Government...

UK may decrease eligible skilled immigration jobs

11:32 14/09/2011
The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has recommended reducing the number of available occupations for non- EU skilled migrants to 190,000; This is the number of people working in the UK in the new...

UK economy at risk from immigration cap

15:33 07/09/2011
The UK Government's own advisory committee, the Migration Advisory Committee, has stated that the British economy could suffer permanent damage if the Government continues to restrict non-EU skilled...

MP calls for changes to UK immigration

14:11 19/07/2011
A Northern Ireland MP, Jim Shannon, has called for immigration changes that would allow Filipino fisherman to keep on working in Northern Ireland. Under current immigration rules, approximately 70...

Tier 2 Visa - Major changes from 6 April 2011

11:49 06/04/2011
Tier 2 Visa changes include the following: All immigrants wishing entry to the UK must be filling a graduate level position. You do not necessarily need to have an academic position. However, you...

UK removes 8 occupations from Tier 2 visa skilled occupation list

9:20 16/03/2011
The UK government has announced that it will remove 8 occupations from Shortage Occupation List (SOL). If an occupation is on the shortage occupation list it is easier for an employer to employ a...