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Tier 4 visa students stuck in UK awaiting Tier 1 PSW visa

18:00 24/07/2012
Foreign students currently living in the UK on Tier 4 visas are upset that they are stuck without their passports for extended periods of time while the UKBA processes their Tier 1 Post Study visa...

UK universities suggest ways to monitor Tier 4 visa student attendance

11:33 27/04/2012
A UK vice-chancellor has warned that UK universities may be compelled to use swipe cards that monitor foreign student attendance to comply with tough new UK immigration rules. Quintin McKellar, vice-...

UK Immigration sees substantial increase in 2010

17:43 30/05/2011
2010 saw the greatest increase in UK immigration in five years. This is due to a big reduction in people leaving the UK and an increase in the number of Polish migrants coming to the UK. The net...

UK bill threatens foreign students, says student union

12:18 13/12/2005
The UK's new Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Bill that is being presented to the House of Lords, could see International students lose their right to appeal against decisions about their right to...

Changes to UK immigration laws to affect students, workers

11:38 16/05/2005
Just a week after being reelected, Tony Blair revealed that changes to the government's immigration laws would affect foreign workers and overseas students . Foreign students overstaying their visas...