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New Zealand

Immigrants applying from overseas need Biometric Residence Permits

12:23 30/04/2015
Biometric residence permits have been a requirement for non EU/EEA nationals applying for UK visas from within the UK since November 2008. It is now a requirement for non EEA nationals applying for a...

Tier 2 Visa Changes and other UK immigration changes from 6 April

15:58 27/04/2015
Major UK immigration changes took effect on 6 April 2015 with the Tier 2 visa category set for substantial changes. The most significant change is the introduction of an NHS surcharge for most UK...

Additional security measures for US Visit Visas

13:40 08/12/2014
Earlier this month, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced additional security measures for those entering the US ninety day visit visa scheme the Visa Waiver Program. The Visa Waiver...

Immigration news update: UK

19:07 27/11/2014
There were a number of significant immigration changes published by the Home Office on 16 October 2014. is providing further details of the main changes below. Tier 2 visas (Changes...

Australian Senate votes to save family visas

19:10 14/11/2014
We remind you that in September the Australian senate voted to save four visa classes which relate to family members. These visa categories had previously been discontinued from June 2014. Age...

Australia: inspectors now checking if employers meet immigration laws

11:21 27/10/2014
According to a recent report, Fair Work inspectors are now checking the immigration status of employees. An amendment to the Migration Act passed in 2013, makes it an offence for Australian employers...