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New Zealand

New Zealand immigration hits 11-year high

16:42 08/05/2014
Net immigration to New Zealand rose to 31,900 in the year to March 2014, the highest figure for eleven years and the second highest level ever. The highest number of immigrants were from the People's...

London Mayor: UK should grant immigration amnesty

17:55 02/05/2014
The maverick mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has called on the UK government to grant an immigration amnesty to all illegal immigrants who have been in the country for ten years. Mr Johnson said 'The...

Philippines joins New Zealand working holiday visa scheme

13:03 18/03/2014
The New Zealand working holiday visa scheme has been expanded to include the Philippines. From 5th February 2014, 100 young Filipinos aged between 18 and 30 have been able to spend a year working and...

Australia and New Zealand to cooperate on cricket visas

14:49 17/03/2014
Australia and New Zealand will jointly host the cricket world cup in 2015. After negotiations between the prime ministers of the two countries, Tony Abbott of Australia and John Key of New Zealand,...

New Zealand population grows through net immigration

11:57 17/03/2014
New Zealand's population rose by 7,900 in 2012/13 because of net immigration, the latest government figures show. In 2011/12, the population fell slightly due to migration. The government expects the...

London tech firms call for UK immigration reform

18:20 12/02/2014
A UK group which lobbies on behalf of technology start-up companies has called for a reform to the UK's employment-based immigration system to allow firms in the sector to recruit the best talent...