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UK supermarket Tesco fined for breach of immigration rules

10:36 21/11/2012
The UK's biggest supermarket Tesco has been fined £115,000 for breaches of the rules concerning the employment of foreign nationals. On 21st July 2012, UK Border Agency staff went to Tesco's internet...

Canadian immigration minister says he will reform student visa system

10:08 26/10/2012
Jason Kenney, the Canadian immigration minister, has said that he approves of measures taken by the British government to reform its student visa system and intends to reform the Canadian visa system...

Canadian minister announces more 'working holiday' visas for Irish

14:26 10/10/2012
The Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney visited Ireland last week. On Friday 5th October, Mr Kenney held a joint press conference with the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs,...

Canadian minister to woo British graduates on UK trip

15:22 09/10/2012
Jason Kenney, Canada's Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multiculturalism, is to visit the UK this week. He will stay for five days and will hold a series of meetings including one with the...

Calls for higher minimum investment to qualify for tier 1 (investor) visas

10:14 09/10/2012
The number of applicants for Tier 1 (investor) category visas rose to a record high in the year ending on 30th June 2012. The UK Border Agency received over 400 applications during this period. This...

UK considers imposing visa controls on EU nationals

13:33 08/10/2012
The UK's Prime Minister, David Cameron MP, has hinted that his government may introduce measures to limit the level of EU immigration into the UK. The UK Home Secretary Theresa May MP has told a...