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USCIS nearing completion of new online US visa application system

14:33 06/12/2011
US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced they are in the post-development testing phase of a new online application system that will eventually change the paper-based agency into...

New 'Entrepreneur Visa' to be announced by the UK

19:47 04/11/2010
The UK Government is expected to announce a new "entrepreneur visa" aimed at attracting investor-backed businessmen who wish to immigrate to the UK to start high-tech companies. The goal is to better...

UK Immigration Cap may harm UK Research

17:45 07/10/2010
There is continuing opposition against the UK immigration cap brought in by the David Cameron Conservative Liberal Coalition Government. There are concerns that the annual immigration limit which...

Canada helps immigrants with website in 11 languages

12:54 29/09/2010
A new website in 11 different languages makes it easier for Canadian immigrants to find community service information. The 'In my language', developed by the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving...

UK Naturalisation and Citizenship applications reconsiderations will require a fee

9:04 04/08/2010
In future if your UK Naturalisation and Citizenship application is refused and you wish UKBA to reconsider their decision you will need to pay a GBP100 fee. Since 6 April 2010 the UK Government has...

US Immigration issues new Green Card

10:48 26/05/2010
US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced recently that they were now issuing a newly designed Permanent Resident Card, known as the " Green Card " with a number of new security...