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UK immigration to begin processing visitor visas for Olympic Games

15:18 29/12/2011
The 2012 Olympic Games are fast approaching; It is expected that there will be a huge increase in the number of visitors travelling to London to watch the games and take part in the festivities...

UK immigration no longer accepting Tier visa paper applications

17:31 13/12/2011
Please note, beginning 12 December 2011, all UK visa applications under the points-based immigration system will need to be made online. This includes all UK Tier 1 , Tier 2 , Tier 4 , and Tier 5...

Immigration New Zealand to implement new online visa system

9:16 13/12/2011
Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman announced a significant government investment in Immigration New Zealand 's IT system will help attract more skilled immigrants and boost security. Coleman said...

USCIS nearing completion of new online US visa application system

14:33 06/12/2011
US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced they are in the post-development testing phase of a new online application system that will eventually change the paper-based agency into...

New 'Entrepreneur Visa' to be announced by the UK

19:47 04/11/2010
The UK Government is expected to announce a new "entrepreneur visa" aimed at attracting investor-backed businessmen who wish to immigrate to the UK to start high-tech companies. The goal is to better...

UK Immigration Cap may harm UK Research

17:45 07/10/2010
There is continuing opposition against the UK immigration cap brought in by the David Cameron Conservative Liberal Coalition Government. There are concerns that the annual immigration limit which...