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Working in the UK releases preliminary service statistics

10:54 22/08/2006
• Watch This Video The British governments official work permit and immigration portal, Working in the UK, has released preliminary data collected on service standards in processing applications...

US electronic passport program takes effect

16:05 18/08/2006
• Watch This Video This week the United States began issuing passports embedded with 'smart chips;' small memory chips that can be read with computer scanners that have information about the person...

New hi-tech RFID passports hacked and cloned

18:41 04/08/2006
• Media Center » Video Immigration News A number of countries around the world are introducing technology-enhanced passports designed to prevent or greatly inhibit forgery and counterfeiting. One of...

UK National Identity Scheme - National Identity Card

9:15 01/08/2006
• Watch This Video It was recently announced by the Home Office that the National ID card would be delayed. However, many people don't have a clear idea of this program. Citizens and residents of...

US needs computer game programmers

13:46 27/07/2006
• Watch This Video The next generation of computer games is always under development. With advances in computing technology, exciting opportunities exist for spectacular gaming experiences on state-...

Website not attracting NZ expats as hoped

10:59 10/04/2006
A major campaign by the New Zealand government using a website to entice expats to return home is experiencing falling visitor numbers. The site - - made headlines in December...