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Bill Gates lobbies again for more US H1B visas

13:46 20/03/2006
Lobbying for an increase in the number of H-1B visas , Microsoft chief Bill Gates has called high-skilled immigration the "number one thing" that the software giant needs. He called it "ironic" that...

UK's Heathrow expands Iris Recognition Immigration System test

16:40 13/03/2006
The UK's Heathrow Airport has extended its use of iris-scanning technology to speed up immigration checks. The Iris Recognition Immigration System (IRIS) is currently being tested at the airport as...

Bad drivers, health costs annoy New Zealand immigrants

19:19 17/02/2006
Although as reported earlier the vast majority of new immigrants to New Zealand are quite happy with their new home, a few things still get on their nerves. The cost of health services and bad... announces winner of Video Survey drawing!

14:13 08/02/2006 is pleased to announce the winner of its Video Survey drawing: José Mauricio Duque Mr. Duque, of Brazil, receives a $200 gift certificate from courtesy of He...

Germany to introduce biometric passports

12:56 04/11/2005
Germany is set to be the first country in the European Union to introduce biometric passports, which will allow airport control devices to detect a small electronic tag concealed inside the passport... achieves ISO9001:2000 certification

12:35 27/10/2005, a top immigration consultancy with one of the world's largest visa-related websites, has achieved internationally-recognised accredited certification to ISO9001:2000. Our assessment...