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UK Border Force

UK immigration to bring in extra staff to deal with long queues

11:56 22/05/2012
UK Immigration Minister Damian Green announced that the UK Border Force will be recruiting an additional 70 staff at Heathrow Airport to deal with long queues. He said the staff would be brought in...

Report claims that UK Immigration detaining children in "degrading" conditions

12:14 15/05/2012
The UK Border Agency has been accused of detaining immigrant children in "degrading and disgraceful" conditions at Heathrow airport, according to an official watchdog, the Heathrow independent...

UK immigration staff expected to strike on 10 May

14:53 07/05/2012
UK immigration staff are planning to stage a one-day strike in a dispute over public sector pensions. The strike, set for 10 May is expected to cause even further disruption and result in delays at...

Airlines warn of possible delays at UK immigration Border

9:52 05/04/2012
UK airlines are warning of potential delays at airports during Easter and during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations due to tougher immigration checks at border control. The British Air...

UK immigration outlines new security standards for UK borders

9:08 17/03/2012
UK Immigration Minister Damien Green announced that there will be specific minimum standards for border checks. This follow concerns last year that UK immigration officers were acting without...

UK Border Agency to be split into two separate immigration agencies

12:33 21/02/2012
UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, announced this week that the UK's immigration Border Agencies will split in two after it was revealed that hundreds of thousands of people had passed through UK...