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Canadian Immigration laws to re-unite families

18:20 25/11/2014
The Canadian Parent and Grandparent (PGP) sponsorship program is likely to reopen for new applicants in January 2015. The Program was reintroduced in January 2014 after being put on hold since 2011...

Canadian government crack down on immigration fraud

12:28 20/11/2014
The Canada Border Services Agency has pledged that it will continue to crack down on immigration fraud, following concerns that migrants are being ripped-off by unscrupulous consultants. There have...

Canadian visa reforms for Saudi applicants

14:27 13/11/2014
The Canadian government have made the visa application process for Saudi nationals wishing to visit Canada easier. The changes were announced after a series of talks took place between Canadian...

Migrants may consider Western Canada after economic boom

10:39 12/11/2014
The greatest increases in economic growth can be seen in the Western part of Canada according to the latest figures from Statistics Canada. This economic growth in Western Canada is largely due to a...

Australian visit visa reforms may be required to attract more tourists

17:11 03/11/2014
The Australian Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF) have said that visa reforms may be necessary in order to attract more Chinese tourists. The latest figures show that the number of Chinese visitors to...

Last Chance for Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Visas

9:48 14/10/2014
The Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada will end at the end of this year, giving candidates interested in skilled immigration less than three months to apply. The program is based on a points...