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Immigration videos

Destination London 2013, Francois

12:57 31/10/2013
What Francois really likes about London is that it’s a really old city but at the same time modern, which he feels makes it a bit unique.

Destination London 2013, Salick

11:04 31/10/2013
Salick came to the UK 10 years ago to study English, then a Masters in International Business and now is a fashion designer and fashion entrepreneur. He says there is more opportunity in London than...

Destination London 2013, Melvin

11:00 31/10/2013
Melvin has been in London for 28 years Says one of the good things about London is its multiculturalism Had the choose of moving either to the USA of the UK and says he does not regret having chosen...

Destination London 2013, Duncan

10:22 31/10/2013
Duncan has lived and worked in London 5 years and finds it a fast moving place where anything can happen.

Destination London 2013, Raymond

9:44 31/10/2013
Raymond studied in Leeds and is now living in London for the past 5 years. He says London is very tolerant and full of people from all over the world.

Destination London 2013, Nav

9:35 31/10/2013
Nav says London is young and fun. “The party never ends”.