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Immigration videos

New USCIS facilities

17:02 17/12/2008
The US Citizenship and Immigration Services is opening four new immigration facilities in South Florida to replace the one that it currently operates.

Weekly news update 17 Dec 2008

15:35 17/12/2008
Schengen Agreement; EU migrant population; Settled migrants partner; High migrant intake; New USCIS facilities; Work permits for NAFTA; IRB to speed up.

IRB to speed up

14:55 17/12/2008
Canada announces the appointments to the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB).

Work permits for NAFTA

11:36 17/12/2008
Canada has announced the introduction of 3-year renewable work permit for professionals of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Protection for immigrants

19:24 10/12/2008
new laws introduced designed to give better protection for temporary overseas workers in Australia.

Weekly news update 10 Dec 2008

17:47 10/12/2008
probationary citizenship; World Migration Report; Protection for immigrants; Migration Review Tribunal; Working Holiday.