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Immigration videos

Destination London 2013, Candis

17:48 31/10/2013
Study metropolatis like Beijing. Candis finishes her studies in the UK in September and will go back to Beijing. If she can she will come back to London.

Destination London 2013,

17:36 31/10/2013
Been in London most of his life and whenever he leaves he gets homesick.

Destination London 2013, Fernando

17:26 31/10/2013
Fernando has been living in London for 14 years He says you have everything you can imagine or sometimes even things you have never even thought of before. He also says London is not as expensive as...

Destination London 2013, Dan

17:14 31/10/2013
Loves the fact London is a 24 hour city, with things open all the time all day all night.

Destination London 2013, Hem

16:46 31/10/2013
Hem thinks there is a great deal to offer for everyone, if you’re on a budget there is lots of free entertainment and a lot to do. But if you have money London offers anything you want at any time...

Destination London 2013, Mow

16:26 31/10/2013
Mow has lived in London for 13 years. She says she “Loves it here”. She likes the open spaces and the parks and thinks London is very cultural and historical.