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Immigration videos

UK tier system - December 2008

14:57 30/12/2008
UK tier system - December 2008

End of year 2008

14:24 23/12/2008
End of year 2008

EU migrant population

19:33 17/12/2008
A net inflow of migrants helped push the population of the European Union close to half a billion people in 2008.

High migrant intake

19:16 17/12/2008
Despite the global financial crisis, Australia expects only modest cuts in next years migrant intake program which is currently at an all time high level.

Schengen Agreement

19:08 17/12/2008
On 12 December 2008, Switzerland became the 25th member of the Schengen zone.

Settled migrants partner

19:07 17/12/2008
According to new rules which came into effect on 27 November 2008, the minimum age at which a spouse can join their migrant partner in the UK has been raised from 18 to 21 for both parties.