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US Immigration issues new Green Card

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced recently that they were now issuing a newly designed Permanent Resident Card, known as the "Green Card" with a number of new security features. New technology makes counterfeiting and tampering of the card more difficult.

Below are various features of the new card:

  • There is a special ink that color shifts in visual designs (e.g., eagle's head).

  • USCIS says that "Fine-lined artwork and complex architecture incorporate patterns that are nearly impossible to reproduce."

  • It is now more difficult to make alterations to the photograph as this is now fully integrated into the card. The photograph is also in greater detail.

  • Ultra Violet Technology means that there is more accurate card authentication at border crossings.

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) means that inspectors can read unique, 192-bit serial number (192-bits) from a distance and then access personal data on file.

  • There is a personalised return address on the back of the card which further enhances security and makes it easier to return lost cards to USCIS.

  • The new Permanent Resident Card is now green.