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Department of Health

UK Tier 2 visa inquiry into treatment of non-EU GPs with Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence Employer

15:33 21/12/2017
The Health Select Committee is urging all non-EU GPs to share cases of being thrown out of the UK or being hit with delays in being able to take up work on tier 2 visas with employers who have tier 2...

Irish work visa system branded ‘burdensome and expensive’

21:33 26/07/2017
The Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) described the country’s existing work permit and visa system for non-EU doctors as ‘overly onerous and significantly costly’ during its Annual General Meeting (...

NHS chiefs lobby Home Office concerning Tier 2 visas for nurses

19:25 14/08/2015
The concerns of NHS chiefs over changes to the UK Tier 2 immigration rules have been put forward in a letter sent to the Home Office. A report published by the Nursing Times says that many Tier 2...

UK immigration rules results in fall in foreign nurse immigration

11:53 05/01/2012
A recent study has shown that there has been a sharp decline in the number of nurses emigrating to the UK. It is widely thought that this is due to UK immigration bringing in tougher immigration...

Changes to UK Tier 1 visa from 1 October 2009

17:45 29/09/2009
The following changes to the Tier 1 visa of the points based system will come into place on 1 October 2009: The most significant change is probably that under the Tier 1 ( General ) visa students...

Health care jobs removed from UK national shortage list

12:22 07/02/2008
• Media Center » Watch This Video Starting 18 March 2008, thirty-eight healthcare-related jobs will be removed from the United Kingdom's National Shortage Occupation List (NSOL) . In some cases, the...