US L1 Visa Application Process and

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show hide has been dealing with US visas for more than twenty years and has extensive experience in dealing with L1 visas.  Together with our US qualified lawyer we can help you with your application.  

  • will usually give a free brief consultation via telephone on 0344 991 9222 or via email.
  • considers the application. If your company, the type of work and the candidate are eligible for an L1 visa, e-mails you:
    • A formal instruction form to return
    • Details of any additional data required, and confirmation of which documents we need
  • You post documents to at 1st Floor, Unit 56, Skyline Business Village, London E14 9TS.
  • compiles and submits your petition to USCIS at the appropriate Regional Service Center
  • After about a month the petition is approved, and the Notice of Approval is returned to you, these are then taken to the relevant US consulate by the candidate for issue of the L1 visa. will provide full instructions and forms, and can advise on visa issuance.  Processing times are quicker if you pay the USCIS premium processing of $1225.