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Australia and New Zealand

Number of New Zealand migrants with job or job offer has increased

17:49 08/02/2006
Since New Zealand raised its criteria for accepting skilled immigrants in December 2005, the number of skilled migrants who already have jobs or job offers when they are shortlisted for New Zealand...

Australia focuses on skilled immigrants from India.

13:17 08/02/2006
Australia has recently continued its world-wide search for skilled immigrants by focusing on India.

Australia is working hard to attract new immigrants.

19:58 01/02/2006
Australia`s rural towns and cities are working hard to attract new immigrants.

Australia updated MODL

10:45 01/02/2006
Information on Australia`s updated Migration Occupation in Demand List (MODL).

Australian companies recruiting workers in the United States

16:51 25/01/2006
Australian companies have begun recruiting skilled workers in the United States. 62,000 Australians left the country during the last financial year.

Health professionals interested in South Australia

16:07 18/01/2006
800 overseas doctors, nurses and other health professionals have expressed interest in moving to South Australia following successful expos.