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Priti Patel UK immigration plan to deport failed asylum seekers

0:17 23/09/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : If there will be a skills shortage on the farms after the end of the Brexit transitional period is there any possibility of allowing asylum seekers to do this sort of work?...

UK immigrants make up quarter of country’s top earners

22:34 21/09/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : That is excellent news with many migrants doing very well in the UK. There are at the same time many concerns about the way that migrants and especially those from BAME (...

Sanwar Ali: Immigration Health Surcharge increase 1 October 2020

0:08 21/09/2020
By Sanwar Ali : If you wish to apply for a UK visa you should consider submitting your application by the end of September 2020. We understand that you need to make sure that you have submitted your...

Home Office UK immigration policies based on prejudice

20:24 19/09/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : The culture at the Home Office has to change. If you continue to have a “ hostile environment ” mentality then officials will be more concerned about enforcement than...

UK border contract to firm with links to “racist” Trump visa policy

22:26 18/09/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : Controversial IT company Palantir has been awarded the UK border contract. The co-founder of Palantir Peter Thiel has in the past been a strong supporter of Trump, providing...

New post-Brexit UK visa rules ‘worrying’ for food sector

0:30 18/09/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : There is little more than three months to go until the last day of the Brexit transitional period on 31 December 2020. It is very possible that a no-deal Brexit will actually...