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Prime Minister Liz Truss attends UNGA

Prime Minister Liz Truss attends UNGA

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Liz Truss growth visa previously considered by UK government

20:51 30/01/2023
Sanwar Ali Comments: Why was a new “growth visa” being considered. Presumably even towards the end of last year the UK Government realised that the Scale-Up visa was a failure. Why was the “Growth...

UK government considers new visa sponsorship route for GPs

22:37 28/11/2022
Sanwar Ali Comments: The Sponsor Licence and UK visa system should be made simpler and much cheaper. It costs many thousands of pounds to bring in Skilled Workers in to the UK. The UK must have one...

UK Sponsor licence failures lead to immigration risk issues

14:54 24/11/2022
Sanwar Ali Comments: The sponsor licence compliance requirements are overly complex, burdensome and confusing. It is difficult for employers to comply with all the requirements. This is the case even...

Sponsor licences become ‘essential’ part of business plans

23:16 21/11/2022
Comments by Sanwar Ali : It is obviously the case that after Brexit many more businesses should be applying for a UK sponsor licence to employ migrants under the Skilled Worker visa scheme. Free...

Sponsor licences held by only 3% of UK employers says report

16:41 07/11/2022
Comments by Sanwar Ali : So a relatively small number of employers are applying under the sponsor licence system. Perhaps the cost of employing people under the UK sponsor licence and skilled worker...

Sanwar Ali: UK Scale up visa - Will it be a success?

14:49 22/09/2022
By Sanwar Ali : The UK Government has tried various schemes in recent years to make it easier to bring in migrants that the economy needs. However, the schemes have not all been successful. Many have...