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USA immigration and work visas

The US is one of the world's most popular immigration destinations. Popular work related visa options include the E2, E1, L1, H1B, and B1 in lieu of H1B non-immigrant visa categories.Read more

US Business and work visas

As the largest economy in the World with the greatest number of opportunities the United States is an incredibly popular immigration destination. The US processes many millions of immigrant and non-immigrant visa applications for workers, businesspeople, investors, family members, every year. The US visa system is probably the most complex in the World. There are so many different visa options that it is difficult to know which visa may be relevant. Generally to enter the...Read more

Employers' guide to US immigration

Employees' guide to US immigration

US F-1 and M-1 Student Visas

US Family Visas

US B-1 and B-2 Visitor Visas

Guide to US Permanent Residence

Guide to Becoming a US Citizen

Useful information for USA immigration