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Testimonials from our clients

Below are some testimonials from our clients. considers client satisfaction and service a top priority.

Outstanding service is an outstanding service, keeping me aware of what is happening around the globe regarding immigration rules and regulations.

Faisal S.
Keep the flag flying

Dear Friends at, I am grateful for the information you provide on a regular basis. Of particular mention is your information on UK migration. There were some firsts from you.: I heard about the planned increase in HSMP application fees from your site. Also proposed review of HSMP and the information on planned increase in visa fees. Thank you very kindly and keep the flag flying

Dosumu A. Nigeria
The happiest man on earth

I am an Indian citizen, with a post graduate degree in Pharmacy. At present I live in Canada and frequently travel to US for my business on H1B visa. While I was in India I was trying to get an H1B visa from 1997. I tried all ways and means but was not successful in getting H1B visa to work as a pharmacist in USA. Then one day I learned about Canadian Immigration and their permanant migration program through your website. I used the tool you provided to calculate my eligibility and based on this I decided to grab this opportunity. I applied for Canadian PR in September 2001 and got my visa in October 2003. Once I landed in Canada in November 2004, there were plenty of opportunities waiting for me. I got a job in Clinical Research (back home I had 6 years of experience in CR with an US multinational) in December 2003 and H1B visa in January 04. Everything was very fast and I am now very happy. I invited my parents last year (just 6 month of my residency in Canada) and they were here for 6 months. I AM HAPPIEST MAN ON EARTH NOW. All the above was possible just because I had proper guidance from your website and regular newsletters. I still get lot of information from you on USA visa and changes as well as information regarding immigration to other coutnries. To date, I have suggested your website to at least 20 friends (in last 3 years) and they all are making best use of your guidance.

Best regards Amit P.
Good choice

I think that I made a good choice because I connected with you. I have a lot of hope in your service.

Anatoly L.
I would confidently recommend

An extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly service. Very accessible and quick to reply to questions. I would confidently recommend