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United States of America

US immigration crackdown

17:59 21/06/2006
US immigration crackdown

US nurses wages and nurse demand

17:30 21/06/2006
US nurses wages and nurse demand

No more H-1B visas are available in the US

13:43 07/06/2006
The full quota of 66,000 applications has been met and the US will not accept any submitted after 26 May

Nurses and midwives are in high demand in the US

12:04 07/06/2006
Approximately 320,000 couples have their children born at home annually these days

U.S. immigration reform continues

18:41 31/05/2006
While rhetoric and debate is strong right now, there will be far-reaching changes in US immigration law as a result

The US dollar has made slight gains

10:28 31/05/2006
Several mixed signs from the US economy are being reported this week