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Denmark Immigration and Work Visas

Denmark, a European Union country, encourages immigration of skilled workers from around the world who have skills in short supply.  Denmark has a work visa system called the Positive List scheme to help fill skill shortages, and the Pay Limit Scheme for people who have a valid job offer from a Danish employer.

Please see each visa page outlined below for details, and don't hesitate to contact us for individually tailored advice on your needs.

Danish visa types

The Positive List: There are many occupations in Denmark for which there is a lack of qualified workers. If you have skills in one of these occupations, you can obtain a work and residence permit in very little time under the Positive List scheme.

The Pay Limit Scheme: If you have a job offer from a Danish employer that pays more than DKK 375,000 (approximately USD 55,000), you are also eligibile for a work and residence permit in Denmark under the Pay Limit scheme.

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