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Luxembourg immigration

Employers looking for workers in Luxembourg are legally required to notify any job vacancy to the Department of Employment (Administration de l'Emploi). An application for a work permit should be lodged before entry to Luxembourg territory with the Department of Employment.

If you live outside the EU/EEA, the following paperwork must be provided to apply for a work permit:

  • A certified copy of the applicant's full passport
  • A certified copy of all relevant professional diplomas
  • An explanatory letter from the prospective employer confirming the employment
  • The applicant's CV
  • A certified copy of the employment contract

The Department of Employment reserves the right to request any additional documents while processing the application. The application process takes from 4 to 12 weeks.

Upon receipt of a confirmation letter, the applicant should apply for a visa at the Luxembourg Embassy of his country of residence, or the Belgian Embassy in countries where Luxembourg is not directly represented.


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