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#YouClapForMeNow campaign highlights value of UK immigrants

23:23 17/04/2020
Sanwar Ali comment: 70% of deaths of health and social care workers due to coronavirus COVID-19 have been people from an ethnic minority. People from BAME groups (Black, Asian and minority ethnic)...

End UK visa welfare rule or spread coronavirus, Patel warned

23:59 15/04/2020
Sanwar Ali comment: The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has caused huge problems for migrants around the World. It is usually the case that work visa holders and many other migrants do not have access...

Post-Brexit UK visa key worker controversy during coronavirus

23:09 13/04/2020
Sanwar Ali comment: There are ongoing arguments about the new UK visa system, post-Brexit and how businesses will cope once EU citizens wishing to come to the UK can no longer work freely in the UK...

UK permanent visas for NHS foreign nationals, MPs urge

23:57 10/04/2020
Sanwar Ali comment: Granting UK permanent residence (properly known as indefinite leave to remain ) to migrants in the NHS, who are risking their lives during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic would...

Coronavirus UK visa extension scheme | How to apply

23:25 09/04/2020
Sanwar Ali comment: If you are unable to travel due to coronavirus or because you are self isolating you can apply to remain at least until 31 May 2020. There is a simple online UK visa application...

UK visa and immigration fees frozen for 2020/21 and urgent news

11:11 09/04/2020
Sanwar Ali comment: With the continuing coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic surely there should be a significant reduction in UK visa related fees. These fees were unaffordable even before coronavirus. It...