UK Visa Fee Hikes October 2023 - Work, Student, Family Visas

By Sanwar Ali:

We also have a news report and detailed guide to the 4 October 2023 huge UK visa fee increases.

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Huge Increase in UK Visa Fees - October 2023


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Details on the upcoming substantial increases to UK visa fees in October 2023 for work, family, and student visas.

Work Visas

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All work visas will see a uniform 15% fee hike.

Student Visas

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Student visas will have a significant 35% fee increase for out-of-country applications.


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Migrant advocacy groups have raised concerns about the affordability and fairness of these fee hikes.


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Refugee family reunion visas will see a lower 4% fee increase.


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Many view the fee increases as an unfair burden on immigrants.

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