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US Immigration News

New technology for US immigration processing

19:34 27/01/2005
US immigration authorities are to begin testing radio frequency (RF)technology on the country's borders in a bid to improve efficiency andsecurity, the US Department of Homeland Security announced on...

Bush continues pushing US immigration reform

13:47 27/01/2005
In spite of growing opposition from his own party, President George Bush yesterday reaffirmed that changes to US immigration rules will be one of the top priorities of his second term, the Houston...

US immigration rules relaxed for tsunami victims

17:42 24/01/2005
People from areas affected by theAsian tsunami will be less stringently policed for immigrationbreaches, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announcedJanuary 10. FromJanuary 7 2005,...

Fed governor favours open US immigration

16:18 20/01/2005
Amidst a growing debate about immigration in the US , one of the country's top officials has said that tougher policies brought in since September 11 2001 may put a brake on America's productivity...

US to bring in voluntary airport security program

12:37 14/01/2005
The United States is to change procedures at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport to improve the security and immigration process, according to the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Under the...

US Green Card Lottery - Last Full Day for entries 6 January 2005

16:30 06/01/2005
Today is the last full day that you can apply for the DV 2006 Green Card Lottery. The entry period ends tomorrow 12 pm (Midday) US Eastern Standard Time 7 January 2005. This is 5pm GMT (Greenwich...