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US Immigration News

Biden Trump Border Wall: Hypocrisy, Debate, Renewed Construction

20:36 13/10/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Biden has been criticised for hypocrisy over the border wall. The Biden administration has resumed the construction of the controversial border wall, a project that had been a...

Green Card Lottery 2025: Entry Period Now Open!

0:36 09/10/2023
By Sanwar Ali : The United States is the most popular immigrant destination country in the world, thanks to its many opportunities and multicultural environment. One of the routes for immigration is...

US Work Visas for British Citizens Guide

17:36 05/10/2023
By Sanwar Ali : The United States is a land of opportunity that continues to attract talented individuals and businesses from all over the world. As a British citizen, if you're considering working...

Israel US Visa Waiver Inclusion Despite Human Rights Concerns

23:29 29/09/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Despite opposition by Palestinians, human rights groups, and some Democrats, and pending litigation by activist groups, Israel is expected to be included in the US visa waiver program...

Ramaswamy's Extreme US H1B Visa Proposals

1:37 27/09/2023
By Sanwar Ali : The H1B visa , extremely important for US employers that wish to employ high-skilled foreign workers in the United States, has recently come under the lens of Indian-American...

Gaining E2 Visas through Turkish Citizenship

21:54 20/09/2023
By Sanwar Ali : The Turkish Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program has emerged as an attractive pathway for individuals seeking to gain an E2 Treaty Investor visa for the US and gain better visa-...